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Let’s Be Transparent About Lens Material


What you need to know when choosing your eyewear lenses.


Did you know that the material your eyewear lenses are made from could have more of an impact on your life than you realize? Surprisingly, the composition has little effect on the power of corrective lenses, but it could be significant to your general lifestyle. Things like how thick, how heavy, and how durable your lenses is are all contributed to what material they are made from. As we look at some of the more common lens materials, ask your eye care professional at Niche Eyewear Boutique for more details, and recommendations to fit your hobbies and lifestyle. 



There are several functions that plastic can offer over glass lenses. One is to cut bulk, like with Hi-Index Lenses. They are thinner and can be lighter, making them more stylish and alleviating the classic nose dent left by heavier options. This means, for people with high prescriptions, there’s finally an alternative to ‘Coke-Bottle’ glasses. 

Those with a very active lifestyle may be looking for a Polycarbonate or Trivex lens. Both boast durability and impact resistance making them great for sports, safety or even children’s eyewear. Polycarbonate is a bit thinner and has built-in protection from ultraviolet light. Trivex provides a clearer vision quality and is a bit more rigid. 



An anti-reflective coating can reduce glare along with those pesky nighttime halos and starbursts. Increased light transmission improves vision quality while giving an almost invisible appearance. Models, actors, and newscasters who spend a lot of time under the lights, but don’t want a lot of glare, may find this coating helpful. 

There’s no such thing as a scratch-proof lens. However, a scratch-resistance coating may help those who may tend to be a bit rougher with how they handle their eyewear. The application occurs during the manufacturing process and is put on both the front and the back of the lenses. At Niche Eyewear Boutique, all of our lenses are guaranteed to satisfy all your needs - no questions asked. 



There are a few types of lenses that are designed specifically for better handling sunlight. Transitions, and Photochromatic are the type of lens that changes from clear while inside, to a darker tint when in the sun. Anybody that prefers having one pair of specs for all purposes, these are the people that could benefit from this type of lens. It prevents having to have two separate sets of glasses for indoors and outdoors. The new generation of transition lenses change faster and have a wide range of colours, like amethyst and sapphire. We can also do a wide range with mirror coatings! 

If your lifestyle has you in a highly reflective area, like around water or snow, you might want to consider a polarized lens. These lenses block reflected light allowing you to see past bright glares. The tint colours range from typical brown and black to yellow and rose colours.



The material that your lenses are made from or what type of treatments they undergo can greatly improve your quality of vision. Here at Niche Eyewear Boutique, you’ve chosen a certified optician that asks questions about your daily habits and routines, so we can make the best recommendation to suit you. Chances are, that special materials or coatings will increase the price of your lenses, but skimping on lens options to save money could make you tear up in the long run. You want to have lenses that not only look good, but meet your daily vision and lifestyle needs. Let’s face it, if your eyewear isn’t comfortable and fulfilling its purpose, chances are you’re not going to want to wear them. So, you might as well not turn a blind eye to the fact that spending a bit more up front will improve your confidence and vision quality in the long run. 

If you need help from a certified optician or have questions about the best type of lens material for your lifestyle, contact Niche Eyewear Boutique.  You can stop into either of our Vancouver locations, on Main Street or Kitsilano, during regular business hours or book a personal appointment