How You’re Current View Could Be Costing You

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The Difference Between Corporate Eyewear Chains & Independent Optical Shops

When it’s time for your eye exam, you have a choice in where you purchase your new glasses. You can go to one of the major corporate chains or you can visit a local, independently owned optical shop. Some of the major issues to consider are price, your experience, and expertise. We’ll uncover some of the major differences between them to give you a perspective of how your current view could be costing you time, money, or just a big hassle.


The first issue you might consider is how much you are going to have to spend. The assumption is that the corporate chains are able to buy in bulk and so they can keep costs down, therefore they are always going to be cheaper. Though this is oftentimes true, it is not always the case. Independently owned optical shops are not confined to the standardized pricing of corporate ownership. This means they have more control to offer flexible pricing. They can offer sales and discounts that a major chain cannot.

It’s true that ordering in bulk cuts costs, but what does that translate to for you? Less variety. The reason for the price cut is usually that the store is only ordering from one vendor. That means if you want something other than what that vendor offers, you’re out of luck. Since independent opticals normally stock frames from a variety of vendors, they are more likely to have not only the style that you want, but the color, and the size that fits you.

You might think you are saving a buck, but what you may save in your wallet will show on your face. Literally. You want to make sure that the glasses you get not only make you feel great, but fit you and your lifestyle perfectly.


How You’re Current View Could Be Costing You

Most people’s fitting experience is a pretty typical event. When you’re finished with your exam, you are handed a slip of paper and released out to “the wall”. You look around for a bit, pick a few frames and sit with a representative who tells you their favorite or simply tells you they all look good. While this can potentially happen at any eyewear shop, it is far less likely to happen at an independently owned optical.

Imagine walking in and being personally helped through the entire process of finding a style, color and frame shape that fits your personality. Then suggestions are made on what type of lenses would best suit your lifestyle and your new frame.

Sure, the systematic process at the chain stores will have you in and out quickly. But what they save in time, could cost you in satisfaction. Your eyewear should be a unique expression of your personality, that serves a very important function in your vision care. Quicker is not always the best way to go.


When you visit a corporate eyewear chain there is no guarantee that the person helping you pick your new glasses is licensed, or experienced. There is nothing worse than bringing home new frames only to find out that hours after buying them, you will need to perform at home adjustments or constantly push them back into place. This is because the person helping you didn’t have the expertise to tell you that the bridge didn’t quite fit you right. Or that the frames were too wide for your facial features.

Since independent eyewear shops rely on word of mouth more than corporate advertising, they are more likely to staff experts with years of experience. People who are willing to take the time to make sure you have the size, style and fit that matches every aspect of your life.


How You’re Current View Could Be Costing You

When you consider price, your experience, and expertise, both independent eyewear shops and corporate chains have pros and cons. However, considering that this is something that will be as visible as your face, don’t you really want to take the time to get it right?

Independently owned optical shops, like Niche Eyewear Boutique, offer selection, personal service, and expertise to ensure that you are satisfied with your new glasses. We don’t limit the variety to one designer or vendor, so we can bring you a huge selection of styles, fits, and sizes. All of our optic stylists are licensed opticians with years of experience. We ask the questions to ensure that you are getting the best eyewear overall.

We have two locations in Vancouver to serve you, Main Street and Kitsilano. Let us show you how we always have your best interest at heart. Be sure to book a personal shopping appointment or drop in during our regular business hours.