Don’t Miss Out On 3 New Trends in Eyewear

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Fashion Chains, Blue Light Blocking, and Material Designs

I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old. Back then, there was little to no variety. We all walked around in the same frames, in two different colors. Since then, eyewear fashion has come a long way. Thank goodness! Now there is incredible diversity in the styles, functions, and accessories when it comes to glasses.


One of the newest fashion trends in eyewear accessories are glasses chains. Now you may be thinking, “This isn’t new. My grandma used to use those.” Well, like many a fashion trend, it’s an older concept redesigned. From metal, to acrylic, to oversized suede and corded designs, these aren’t your grandma’s eyeglass chains.

The newer designs are meant to be noticed. Some wearers tuck them behind the neck while others leave them in front like a necklace. Many designs also feature clips to hold a facemask. Designs like this Rainbow Translucent Chain by designer Be Seen Chains by Staci are the ultimate accessory to compliment your eyewear look.

Don’t Miss Out On 3 New Trends in Eyewear


As technology advances, there are a number of devices that are known to emit blue light. TV’s, computer screens, tablets, and cell phones can all promote the negative effects of blue light. It’s known to interrupt sleep patterns and cause headaches. Though some devices offer a blue light filter option, if you spend long hours with these devices, a pair of blue light blocking glasses might just help your mind rest easy.

Just like sunglasses or corrective lenses, blue light blocking glasses come in a huge selection. Anything from lightweight, lenses with UV protection for outdoor wear, gaming glasses that won’t distort colors, to the latest in frame styles.


Everywhere you look, building materials are becoming a huge part of innovation. Houses made of recycled plastic cinder blocks, public restrooms with two-way mirrored walls, and ceramic fillings are just a few of the new material processes.

Eyewear is no different. Designers are pushing the limits on how to create the most unique and effective frame designs. There are various types of metal, such as titanium, wood frames and even frames made by 3D printers. Take this wooden frame design with hammered gold accents by Nina Mur. Whether the goal is strength and durability or artistic expression, the innovative material combinations are gaining attention.

Don’t Miss Out On 3 New Trends in Eyewear


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