Jean-François Rey

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The Maison Jean-François Rey was founded in 1995 in Marseille. More than 25 years after the JFREY style is still renowned today on the international eyewear scene.

The success of the brand is in the visual strength and the Artist temperament of the models, full of emotions and of a French ‘joie de vivre’. The style of the collections is led by contemporary culture and creative freedom: lofty architectural constructions, contrasting color combinations, and high-quality materials give the models their singular and differentiating graphic identity.

In the new collection of this season, metal is still a key player. Some of the best-seller concepts such as WAVE or OPPOSITE make a bold entrance with their new forms and colors. Besides these identity models, a new acetate concept - *Athena *- is standing out for its large and glamorous alluring added to refined hues and exquisite elegant patterns. The new collection offers a large part of combined frames in metal/acetate and comes with strong graphic designs, perfectly mastered in colors, such as Interlace or the iconic DOUBLE COMBI line and its seductive acetate patterns.

The collection CARBONWOOD is reinterpreted with new top-graded materials and a very creative approach. Vintage spirit comes back into this collection with the concept Hollow, an innovative approach where solar clips are fully part of the frame.

This new collection from JFREY is made up of 3 models especially designed for men.

The key particularity of this line is in the solar clips’ fixation technique. An exclusive design of the side piece has been studied (and patented) to fix the clip on the glasses and form a single unit piece, fully part of the frame. The frame is totally hidden and ensures a perfect aesthetic silhouette, without any visible parts. The models also stand out for the original construction of the front: exclusive acetate circles in different thicknesses are assembled on the stainless-steel frame to get a graphic visual effect and highlight the deconstruction work. The exclusive acetates from Mazzucchelli appeal with their textile inspired patterns that give the collection its French chic and subtle fashionable touch.

The founder Jean-François Rey